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Wild Gourmet

Naturally Healthy Game, Fish and Fowl Recipes for Everyday Chefs 

Home cooks today want more than delicious food on the table. They seek easy recipes that produce elegant results. They prefer healthy, fresh, unprocessed ingredients that taste indulgent. They desire the peace of mind that comes with knowing where their food came from, and the pride that comes from preparing a great meal.

That’s why more and more locavores, health-conscious cooks and gourmands are turning to wild game, fish and fowl. And they’re discovering what sportsmen have known all along: The tastiest, healthiest meat is wild meat.

In “Wild Gourmet,” North America’s most-respected chefs share their favorite recipes covering a menagerie of wild meats and a world of flavors. Edited by famed winemaker and wild-game epicure Marc Mondavi, this scrumptiously illustrated cookbook features easy, step-by-step recipes for everything from clams to elk, wild boar to quail.

Everyday chefs can now explore nature’s most sustainable, lean and delicious meats. The 60-plus recipes in “Wild Gourmet” require no special knowledge. What’s more, cooks can explore an even more diverse realm of special cuts and other ingredients through smart substitutions provided with the recipes. To round out the perfect meal, Marc Mondavi lends his expertise to suggest wine/beer pairings for each recipe.

“Wild Gourmet” makes it easy for anyone to tame wild meat in the kitchen and give guests at the table a meal they’ll never forget.

Some of the contributing chefs include Bob Hurley (Hurley’s Restaurant, Yountville, Calif.), Michael Chiarello (Bottega, Yountville, Calif.), Daniel Boulud (DANIEL, New York City), Jon Bonnell (Bonnell’s Fine Texas Cuisine, Fort Worth, Texas) and others. Complementing the recipes, nutrition educator Moira Tidball explores the nutritional advantages of wild meats, complete with comparisons to common domestic meat cuts. Daniel R. Nelson, the chef at the helm of Michigan’s groundbreaking “Gourmet Gone Wild” program, provides an in-depth look at the various cuts and uses of wild game animals. Also included is an essay on the natural connection between the urban locavore movement and traditional hunting and fishing, penned by Jordan Burroughs, wildlife outreach specialist at Michigan State University.

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